Limiting Bandwidth with Cisco IOS

In this article we will configure a Cisco IOS Router to limit the bandwidth usage of an user that is watching video of a security camera. To that goal, we will use a traffic policer, but will also show how to reach the same objective using traffic shapping.

The router is placed in the company branch office, which is using IP subnet The IP security camera is in the subnet, and uses TCP source port 37777.

1. We will limit the bandwidth for packets that match to the following ACL.

access-list 101 permit tcp eq 37777

2. Configure the class-map using the defined ACL.

class-map match-all Sec-Camera
 match access-group 101

5. Configure the policy-map with the desired bandwidth limit, or Committed Information Rate (CIR: 1,000,000 bps = 1 Mbps)

policy-map Limit-Camera-BW
 class Sec-Camera
  police cir 1000000

If you want to shape the traffic instead of policing, use the command shape:

policy-map Limit-Camera-BW
 class Sec-Camera
  shape average 1000000

6. Apply the policy-map to the interface connected to the destination network of the packets, in the output direction:

interface GigabitEthernet0/0.10
 service-policy output Limit-Camera-BW

7. To verify the results, use the command:

show policy-map interface

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