I’m a computer networks engineer with 10+ years of experience. In my career I have designed and operated large networks using equipment from the most renowned manufacturers such as Cisco, Juniper and HP. Besides that, I have created enterprise level Cisco wireless networks, maintained a large Cisco collaboration environment, deployed and configured datacenter server and network infrastructure using blade systems, Cisco Nexus and MDS Switches, EMC and IBM storage solutions. I also have managed Linux applications such as file server, mail and name server, and configured network monitoring solutions and firewalls.

In addition, I manage an Internet autonomous systems and hold some professional certifications such as CCNA Security, CCNA Collaboration and a CCNP in Routing and Switching.

I have created this website to write down the steps and details of tasks and configurations I’ve performed in the past, so it will be easier when I need them again down the road.

If you found this information useful for yourself, feel free to use it and leave your comments and feedback!

To get in contact with me please send an e-mail to ricardo@showconfiguration.com.