Netflow on Juniper

Juniper routers can generate and send flow records to a management server. This allows the administrator to monitor all the traffic that is being routed and better understand the users’ behavior and needs when using the network. Besides that, it also creates a database with every connection originated or destined to your autonomous system for further consultation.

The following tutorial shows how to configure the router and how to set up a management server to receive and store the data using open source tools. In addition, it will also  show how to query the information base.

Configuring the Router

1. Define and configure an interface to export flow data, like ge-1/1/0. The flow collector must be reachable through this interface, since flow records cannot be exported if the flow collector is reachable through a management interface like fxp0.1)

set interfaces ge-1/1/0 unit 0 family inet address

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RADIUS Authentication on Juniper

This article shows how to configure a Juniper router to authenticate users on a RADIUS server.

1. Configure the router with the RADIUS server information:

[edit system]
set system radius-server port 1812
set system radius-server secret yourpassword
set system radius-server timeout 5
set system radius-server retry 3
set system radius-server source-address

In this case, the RADIUS server is with the IP address of, UDP port 1812.

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Adding a Netflow Listener to Cacti

This article explains how to add new Netflow listeners to Cacti. By default, Cacti is not able to show Netflow reports. So, to follow the steps in this article, the Flowview plugin have to be installed on Cacti.

1. Configure Cacti server to receive and store the netflow files adding the lines shown below, one line for each router:

vi /etc/flow-tools/flow-capture.conf

-V 5 -w /var/flow/ABC-Router -n 275 -N 3 -E500M 0/0/3001
-V 5 -w /var/flow/DEF-Router -n 275 -N 3 -E500M 0/0/3002
-V 5 -w /var/flow/GHI-Router -n 275 -N 3 -E500M 0/0/3003
-V 5 -w /var/flow/JKL-Router -n 275 -N 3 -E500M 0/0/3004
-V 5 -w /var/flow/MNO-Router -n 275 -N 3 -E500M 0/0/3005
-V 5 -w /var/flow/PQR-Router -n 275 -N 3 -E500M 0/0/3006
-V 5 -w /var/flow/STU-Router -n 275 -N 3 -E500M 0/0/3007
-V 5 -w /var/flow/VWX-Router -n 275 -N 3 -E500M 0/0/3008
-V 5 -w /var/flow/XYZ-Router -n 275 -N 3 -E500M 0/0/3009

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